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[crackme]Under SEH CrackMe / KeygenMe


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hello everyone !

Under SEH Protectors wants to have a license manager system that allow users

to control copy protection and selling their softwares.

in License validation i did some thing and here we have a crackme or keygenMe

please do some thing this crackme gets cracked , but there is a question and that is when this program cracked successfully ?

this program is cracked successfully when you clicked on Validate button , a messageBox Appear and say to you , You are Professional Cracker.

keygen or patch it

download link :


it's packed with UPX and there is no VM or other protection , just Native code with a little obfuscated code by SEH Protectors Engine that is all.

we are waiting for you'r tuts.

BR ,

Under SEH Team


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no bro , SEH Protector Coded by our team


That's the second time you guys use other peoples work.. Give some credits, not really elegant this way.

I trust HVC to be able to identify icelicense perfectly in any circumstance. ;)


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That's the second time you guys use other peoples work.. Give some credits, not really elegant this way.

hi masters

don't worry about icelicense , in this crackme we need to show Hardware ID to user and in this case we used this component for showing Hardware id and nothing else.

this a new and strange algo and i think that its a little Hard. :D

and about your doubt , in this case you see just icelicense component in my form and hardware id in edit , what is your reason for using icelicense protection system ?

if i used it , so you can crack it , right ?

uhm... Is SEH Protector paying Bruno Branciforti for rights ?

if any one used any component means that he should say that he didn't program that ?

i used IceLicense for Get Hardware id and this not be illegal.

if you are very suspicious i can change HardwareID to random number , but if i do that you will see that we didn't have any change in Serial number generation algo. ;)


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