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[unpackme] SEH Protector 1.0.5 Unpack ME


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Hello Everyone

Under SEH Team Proudly Presents

SEH Protector 1.0.5 Unpack ME

Enabled Options :

[+] Debugger Detection

[+] AntiDump Protection

[+] Code Obfuscation

[+] Anti Decompiler Protection

[+] Memory Protection

Mirror :


Unpack this and write a tutorial ;)

BR ,

Under SEH Team


Edited by GioTiN
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@ BoRoV :

you like my keygen me ???? :wub: if you like , i can write new keygen me's :D

@ LCF-AT :

our file is n't a Trojan , Just packed with UPX ;)

plz try for unpacking ;)

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@ Sp1d3rZ :

if you not sure for safe it , you can not work on this .

in UnpackCN forum my topic have been 113 Views and also Kissy of UpK Team could unpack this.

BR ,

GioTiN - Under SEH Team

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I guess the only way to find out if it is harmful is to debug it and do some analysis work... :rolleyes:


Teddy , our file is safe and you can see unpacked file by UnpackCN forum in here :


BR ,

GioTiN - Under SEH Team

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Well credits to oreans.. smile.gif It has their Virtual Machine..

just a little :)

but 90% of protection is native Delphi codes with own obfuscation engine.

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@ quosego :

SEH Protector Coded by : Gladiyator_Cracker - Under SEH Team

i just release a Unpack ME ;)

BR ,

GioTiN - Under SEH Team

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oreans created VM,so if vm are created by oreans that means all vm are the same stuff ?


Of course not. Quosego meant that Oreans's implementation of a VM is in thier protector.

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Bro it solved in some forums and in our forum with tutorials ,

this Unpack ME solved and not need to unpack it

BR ,

GioTiN - Under SEH Team

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004E94DC E8 8BE5F1FF call SEH_Prot.00407A6C ; jmp to kernel32.ReadProcessMemory

004E94E1 85C0 test eax,eax

004E94E3 0F84 3C0D0000 je SEH_Prot.004EA225

004E94E9 8B45 EC mov eax,dword ptr ss:[ebp-14]

004E94EC 50 push eax

004E94ED 8B45 C4 mov eax,dword ptr ss:[ebp-3C]

004E94F0 50 push eax

004E94F1 FFD6 call esi

004E94F3 85C0 test eax,eax

004E94F5 0F8C 2A0D0000 jl SEH_Prot.004EA225

004E94FB 837D F4 00 cmp dword ptr ss:[ebp-C],0

004E94FF 0F84 200D0000 je SEH_Prot.004EA225

004E9505 8B45 F4 mov eax,dword ptr ss:[ebp-C]

004E9508 8B40 3C mov eax,dword ptr ds:[eax+3C]

eax=7FEA0010, (ASCII "MZP")

Use partical dump 7FEA0010

size is 77000

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