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how to get data from edit


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For most window interaction SendMessage is your friend. In this case GetWindowText might help.

On a side note, this forum is meant to help you with problems you can't solve yourself. It is not a replacement for google or a decent C++ reference or MSDN.

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DWORD WINAPI GenerateSerial(HWND hwnd){
unsigned char name[MAX_NAME];
char serial[MAX_SERIAL];
memset(serial,0,MAX_SERIAL); if(GetDlgItemText(hwnd,IDC_NAME,(char*)name,MAX_NAME)<MIN_NAME)
SetDlgItemText(hwnd, IDC_SERIAL,"Please enter a longer name...");
return 1;
process_serial((char*)name, serial);
SetDlgItemText(hwnd, IDC_SERIAL,serial);
return 0;
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