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[help]try to code server simulation from online game


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Dear all friends in tuts4you, rite now i'm try to build a simulation local server for my favourite online game so i can play it in my computer without internet connection (in additional to practice the game n because verry expensive internet connection in my country)..

i try to build it in visual basic 6 because limited knowledge off programming language that i have. at first, i've captured all packets sent n recieved using WPE.

the problem is, i send the packet i recieved in wpe with winsock, the server respond the connection but the game not responding the connection. some off my codes are:

Private Sub Winsock1_ConnectionRequest(ByVal requestID As Long)
Winsock1.Accept (requestID)
Text1.Text = Winsock1.RemoteHostIP With Winsock1
.SendData "12000000"
.SendData "1100000000000000"
.SendData "50000000"
End With
End Sub

the data i recieved from wpe are like this:

packet1: 12 00 00 00
packet2: 11 00 00 00 00 00 00 00
packet3: 50 00 00 00 00 00 00 00

the question is:

how to make the game to respond the connection from the data that i send from my local server simulation?

all answer will be useful for me..

big thanks..

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The data you see in WPE is in hexadecimal format, you're sending just integer values which wont work. You need to send the hexadecimal values like you see in WPE. So you should be sending:

&H12 &H00 &H00 &H00

&H11 &H00 &H00 &H00 &H00 &H00 &H00 &H00

&H50 &H00 &H00 &H00 &H00 &H00 &H00 &H00

I haven't touched VB in a long time so I can't fully help with how the string for look as I don't really remember how the socket stuff works with VB. Just make sure that what you are sending is the proper format. &H in front of a number in VB means hexadecimal.

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@ Atomos

Thanks bro, i try to send it like u made and watch it using wpe, and the data send rite.. i forget that winsock send data in text.. thank you Atomos

@ GamingMasteR

Thanks for the book, really help imagine how to code the server.. Thank you GamingMasteR

I think the case closed, thanks to Atomos n GamingMasteR, Another question will be in another topic..

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