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hacks4sale.com - Trojan dropper


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I downloaded the demo software at www.hacks4sale.com b/c I was going to try & crack it. While installing it dropped ods.exe, stm.exe, msn.exe, iexplorer.exe, and ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib.dll into the Internet Explorer directory and had the attributes of being System files and were hidden.

Also, the demo doesn't do anything, I opened it in Reflector after unpacking, here's a bit of it:

box.Text = (box.Text & "Activated" & ChrW(13) & ChrW(10))
box = Me.TextBox7
box.Text = (box.Text & "Connected to database!" & ChrW(13) & ChrW(10))
box = Me.TextBox7
box.Text = (box.Text & "Database dropped connection, retry in 2#" & ChrW(13) & ChrW(10))
box = Me.TextBox7
box.Text = (box.Text & "Connected to database!" & ChrW(13)

The original is protected with .net Reactor so I included the unpacked copy. Password is "tuts4you", even though there isn't any malicious code in these two .exe's

Edit: It also adds taksman.exe to the Startup folder.


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