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[unpackme] InsaneFIDO'2 2nd UnWrapMe


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After several months inactivity I now present my second unwrapme. It differs from the first in that the wrapped file is inside the wrapper rather than a seperate file. I hope you will find it interesting.



I have amended the file slightly.


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it doesn't run on my machine...is it correct? winxp sp2

EDIT: It run's now, just not always...it sometimes run and sometimes not run. Anyway it seems to be more interesting than previous.

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Here is attached unpacked one...

I think this crackme has nothing to do with previous...

There are antidebug, import protection, and also a little OEP stolen code (not very useful since all works well also without rebuild).

Dump is not simple as UPX, cause there are some protected parts and also PE Header is broken.

I think it is a good target for a newbie/intermediate unpacker.

I suggest next time to try harder, for example increasing level of iat protection. Here you used original code to "emulate" imports, but i think you can also change some of the first instructions, it will make it much harder. I also suggest to stole more oep next time.

In the crackmes.de scale, i think this can be put on 3/10 of difficulty.

Good job.


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