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Inline Asm Delphi!


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Someone can explain to me like adapting this asm code for delphi?

Thank in advance!!!

@label1_00XXXXXX:		mov eax,esi
idiv dword ptr [ebp-8]
mov eax,esi
push $019
pop edi
lea ecx,[edx+ebx]
idiv dword ptr [ebp-$0c]
mov eax,[ebp+8]
movzx eax,byte ptr [edx+eax] ==>First char edit1.text (HEX)
movzx edx,byte ptr [ecx] ==> First char Fixed String (HEX)
xor eax,edx
idiv edi
add dl,$041
inc esi
cmp esi,[ebp-4]
mov [ecx],dl
jl @label1_00XXXXXX
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