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Members of freshwap.net post infected files


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Links to infected files:




from what I saw all his posts contains same malware:


lemutyt210 had 60 post now has 70! How many peoples will be infected whit files posted by him?

This sucker also removed .NFO of cracks so you won't have any contact information!

The file is a Rar SFX archive (self extracting archive), also the file has a password:

this is why any online antivirus won't detect any virus.

When you execute the archive the content of archive will be extracted under temporary directory using the password, the malicious code will be executed and after that the original file.

You can see if you:

Enter inside the archive using WinRar and click View under any exe file: Winrar will open the enter password dialog!

Here is the threatexpert result:



Is not the only warez website which post infected viruses:




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damn, people like that i really can't understand.. they're only good for one thing, that being that you take them outside and clean your shoes by kicking them repeatedly :)

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Someone else who uses ThreatExpert - finally ;)

Anyways, I've dealt with malware in this form many a time; one that uses some form of self-extracting archive (Be it ZIP, 7z, RAR, etc) to extract a program, then execute said program.

Regardless, nice job on the report.

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