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[Questio] uFModLib in C++


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'ello tuts4you and the SnD team,

long time I've been here, long time I've been on the

net actually,

But I gotta ask, is there someone so kind to type me up

a simple template-ish C++ code for Dev-C++ for

the use with ufmodlib ?

I'm coding a demointro, but I haven't really looked

into ufmodlib in C++ yet, the documentation isn't

that proper also.

I might post up the intro when It's done, with the

according Thanks to ofcourse, if someone gets the

template together ;)


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take a look at link

the offical package has a lot of example writen in almost all languages

And of course there's a C example with a devC++ project file under : ufmod-1.25.2a-win32.7z\Examples\C

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Well I have already seen the package, it doesn't have a Dev-C++ version,

Also, their examples have allot of extra stuff I don't need.

I was just wondering if there was a C++ coder that could

help me out a bit. ;)

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I'm not at my own box right now so I cant post any code.

What you have to know is how to add ufmod.lib (grab it from the masm folder, I prefer it over using the obj) to your project.

Include ufmod.h and call UFMOD_Play (something like that).

There should be 2 or 3 params. One states whether the xm is in memory or resources. The second takes the mem address or res id.

If the examples from the archive dont help, pm me your msn or something. Will take a while until I can go online again though...

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K I'll PM you lateron Killboy, but if anyone that does have internet have any simple example with all the files

It would be really appreciated :P

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