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Saving Treeview / node.data and records


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hey gang, hope everyone is well :P

I am developing an application management program (see screenshot below)


The problem I am having is to do with saving the settings or Treeview. I have googled and seen an example on about.com saving in the xml format but my xml knowledge is nil,

The goal is to beable to save the treenode to a single file along with the images. however (the big problem) i have assigned records to each node using the node.data (pointer to a record) in which contains unique information based on each node.

PAppItem = ^TAppItem;
TAppItem = Record
sFileName :String;
sFilePath :String;
sCategory :TTreeNode;
cmdShow :Integer;

category nodes do not have this record assigned to it but application nodes do. Is it possible to save all this data?

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