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Need help for C

Viewtiful Joe

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Viewtiful Joe

Hi all

I'm new here so i'm gonna sum up a little bit. I'm not damn good for coding in C but i'm trying to move on step by step.

I did a little keygen template in C using RPN algo but it's a console template and it's not that leet. I'm not a very good coder but i try to do my best.

Link to my Console keygen template [RPN] coded in C

I've seen of one tsrh keygen and i think it'll be enough for me. It's a "graphical" template with banner and chiptune but i wanna do one without music first.


Does anyone have a tutorial and commented source ?

Thanks in advance

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Viewtiful Joe

yeah i saw your source but it's not really commented. Anyway, if i've questions, is there a way to contact you ? (irc,PM)

Moreover, this template is nice but i wanna do just like the tsrh's one. I'm getting crazy 'cause i spent all the morning to make a ****ty thing... :angry2:

Anyone have more sources ?

Thanks in advance !

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Yes, PM will be fine, I am also available via MSN. Once I get my home Internet connected, IRC would be viable as well.

I aim to comment the code more in future, as I got a more up to date template I use with my current keygens. I guess I could write a tutorial on it when I'm finished, as well as commenting it like crazy. It supports chiptunes as well as GFX, might as well add a scroller too......

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