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[keygenme] Zuma555's keygenme #7


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Hello everyone,

I got some ideas when i was reading a litle crypto magazine, so i came down with a new and ***-kicking keygen-me :P

Nahh just kiddin, make sure that you have fun with this litle crap!- a non standard keygenme : everything included is custom.

rules: The only valid solution is a stand-alone keygen.

Simply reversing,


PS: forget the generate button XD! use "check" to check your inputs...


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Do you guys need a valid reg or what? I need to post a solution on my blog :P (I am waiting for you Dr:PepUr)

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Its a crackme. You should input a username / serial key and click check button. Good message must show up. Wtf are you doin at an rce forum?

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