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[keygenme] Keygen me


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I tried open this Cm in olly, i will post soon if i found some clue....

thanks Black_Aligator B) (Bajul Ireng) :ph34r:

Please eating @Doubleb >> BB >> Bajul_Buntung


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Teddy Rogers

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  • 2 weeks later...

Your crackme is lame and its a waste of time!!!(i regret every second i'v lost with this)

here is what i could dig up

208891250 => my ID

Serial1= 313947222

Serial2= 39826462

Valid inputs. Please don't ask me to code a keygen, code a decent crackme first!!!



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Teddy Rogers

zuma555, however bad the crackme I am sure it does not warrant being rude and unpleasant... <_<


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