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[unpackme] Themida v2.0.5.0 ;)


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Protection Options for TMD UnPack ME.exe


Macros Information


VM Macros: 0

CodeReplace Macros: 0

ENCRYPT Macros: 0

CLEAR Macros: 0


Protection Options


Anti-Debugger: Ultra

Anti-Dumpers: ENABLED

Entry Point Ofuscation: ENABLED

Resource Encryption: ENABLED

VMWare compatible: ENABLED

API-Wrapping Level: Level 2

Anti-Patching: File Patch (sign support)

Metamorph Security: ENABLED

Memory Guard: ENABLED

When Debugger Found: Display Message

Application compression: ENABLED

Resources compression: ENABLED

SecureEngine compression: ENABLED

Anti-File Monitor: ENABLED

Anti-Registry Monitor: ENABLED

Delphi/BCB form protection: ENABLED

Virtual Machine Settings


Number of Virtual APIs wrapped: 0

API Virtualization Level: 3

Entry Point Virtualization: 15 instructions

Multi Branch Technology: DISABLED

Virtual Machine Processor: Mutable CISC processor

Number of CPUs: 1

Opcode Type: Metamorphic - Level 2

Dynamic Opcode: 20% Dynamic

Advanced Protection Options


Encrypt Application: ENABLED


Hide from PE scanners: Type 3

.NET assemblies: ENABLED

Active Context: DISABLED

Add Manifest: XP Themes

XBundler files


No files to bundle



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so you can also use my script to unpack your unpackMe.

PS: One question - so I see after unpacking I have again to change the target mode to win 98 to get a working file.Its the same like in your older 20.30 unpackMe.Can someone tell me whether is there a special reason for this or is there just something to change in the PE Header to get this dump working without to enable the win 98 mode?Thanks.


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veary easy indeed, simple VM used, and also vb programs are easier to unpack.

SO! where is solved unpackme? :P

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bah, i'll not write a tut on a so simple packed file. It was really too easy. Next time do not use vb and try to make an unpackme virtualizing some procedure and with a more complex VM.

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