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[unpackme] Multi Unpackme+


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Teddy Rogers

The [unpackme] tag has been added to your topic title.

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Stolen code was quite easy.. As well as the import redirection.

Still very nice unapckme.. But was too lazy to get around your debugger detection in olly..

So I hooked some stuff. ;)


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0040643C E8 CC340000 CALL UM++.0040990D

00406441 E8 DF0B0000 CALL UM++.00407025

00406446 E8 850A0000 CALL UM++.00406ED0

0040644B 83BD 0C4E0000 0>CMP DWORD PTR SS:[EBP+4E0C],0

00406452 74 07 JE SHORT UM++.0040645B

00406454 E9 10100000 JMP UM++.00407469

00406459 EB 01 JMP SHORT UM++.0040645C

0040645B 61 POPAD

0040645C ^ E9 9FABFFFF JMP UM++.00401000



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thx to all

yes stolen code & iat redirection is simple.

@quosego: can u tell me that stuff.


ok rlpack 1.2 + some changing + ...


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