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[keygenme] Under SEH Team KeyGen Me 8


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Hi To All !!!!

Under SEH Team KeyGen Me 8

Coded by : GioTiN

Protection : MD5 , Base64 , TiGer , SHA

Compiled by : Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0

Rules : Just Write A Validate KeyGen Or Serial , Not Allow To Patching.

Direct Link :


King Regards , GioTiN - Under SEH Team

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Very easy to get serial.

if you very easy, then make keygen

but solution not easy, author simply made a mistake when check correct with incorrect password using strcmp

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@ BoRoV

@ Vi2DoubleYu

First of all sorry for my english.

I'm sorry if my words was seems offensive or other.

I agree with you BoRoV, after get serial I started to understand

Algo and solution is not easy. Anyway I hope to make Keygen

when I have time.

@ GioTiN

Believe me GioTiN I consider you a great and I have great respect for you.

Thanks for KeygenMe

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