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VB API consult - nice VB apis defintions.

The problem is that my Windows don't support Chinese language so I can't read from some htmls.

Can you share all html from chm?

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I got it working! :D

Download Applocale


Download Chm Editor from 0day or use trial ver, whatever you prefer.

Open up applocale and chose the target program as chmeditor.exe. Choose either Chinese. Done. Chmeditor should fire up. Load vm.chm. and it loads... flawlessly! And you can start your editing. :)

Anyone interested in translating it into english? I would if I had some time, but right now I have too much stuff going on I can barely do anything in my free time. Would be nice if someone could use a little bit of their free time and make a good contribution. :)

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I have no problems seeing all the pages in CHM Editor. :/ If you want to see it using the default windows chm viewer, then use aplocale to open c:\windows\hh.exe and give the absolute path of vb.chm as an argument, and you should be able to see the whole contents without any problems...

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