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Hi everybody,

it's a great pleasure to announce the release of the new issue of our eZine. It was a real hard work to assemble all these contributions, but the final result in my opinion is really good.

A 160 pages issue with releases, hopefully all of quality.

Coming to this issue, it is focused on non-windows reversing, or better on non-win32 reversing. There are insights into the Linux world (Externalist, Gunther) and the Palm (wast3d_bytes has released independently another Palm issue, which has been extended exclusively for this eZine, I also added an interesting video tutorial from Suntzu). There are also two interesting contributions into .NET advanced concepts and one about classical reversing from Gyver75, which I added for the passion for reversing it clearly shows, besides quality of the work. This walkthrough is completed by a series of video tutorials prepared by argv about live debugging Symbian systems, not only using IDA. The non-win32 tutorials are just a completion of the activity we had already started a long time ago, investigating new reversing worlds like the already known Symbian, iPhone, .NET and Mac.

Very soon our new web site will finally open, meanwhile you can find this issue on our mirror:


(it's a 44Mb pack. sorry, but the supplements are several)

Have phun.



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