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Loading proc from a dll


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Didn't see fit to put it in Reversing, its more of coding i think...

Well, i try to load a .DLL and, to load one of it's processes...i wrote a test cpp code just to check that the proc name really does exist and it was added to the .DEF and all...everything's fine...it returns a handle to the DLL and the Process, as you can see here.


but when i get to the GetProcAddress in olly with code i wrote in the cave, it fails and gives me LastErr = ERROR_MOD_NOT_FOUND.


what have i done wrong? :(


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Looks like you are pushing the address of the module i.e. offset hDLL when you should be pushing dword ptr [hDLL] or in your case

PUSH 40C500 ; "Init"

PUSH 40C530 ; hDLL

Call GetProcAddress

PUSH 40C500 ; "Init"


Call GetProcAddress


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