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Someone got annoyed


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Well it looks like someone got annoyed with my old Head banging avatar and changed it:P

Anyways i was yesterday admiring the art of fractals and i got the one...lol....

Someone is watching you!!!

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Seems we've got a forum ghost... :D

I also noticed that the Is Everything Crackable? thread always has new posts according to this board but it never really has..

Hmmm is the server by any chance located in an old castle somewhere in england?? ;)

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Teddy Rogers

I will move this to Bug Reports forum.

Yamraaj, maybe it has something to do with your browsers cache - if you have changed any avatar images recently?

Maybe you can post the URL of the image you are seeing so I can look in to this further...


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Well i cleaned the cached and its back to head banging. Strangely the above link i posted now points to the old avatar. Maybe it's time to stop banging your heads.


and sorry for the trouble

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