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C script to write output of a program to file


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Hey everyone,

I'm looking to learn how to write a c script I can run that will write the output of a program to another file. Do I just write a small c program that calls exec() and I can get the variables from there? I'm having a hard time searching for some kind of tutorial on what to do, can anyone enlighten me/point me in the right direction?

EDIT: So I now understand how to write a shell script to get the output of a program, this was apparently to easy to think of to start with... I'm now looking into how to get specific variables from the output/specific lines, say an output line starts with foo:, can I just get the output of this line?

EDIT II: I now understand the power of awk and a lot more about shell scripting, I've figured out what I needed after finally finding some tutorials on the matter.



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Maybe you could share the answers with the rest of the forum so others can learn if they are seeking the same answers?



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