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How to make a EXE protector in Delphi


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I try to make an exe protector like ASPackDIE and Themida. But i have a couple of questions:

- How do they hide any string in the .exe ?

- Can som1 give me some source codes ?

Thnx in advance!

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ASPackDie is an unpacker for aspack... not a protector.

As for your other questions, google is the way forward..... its a massive subject which no one is going to be able to answer in a thread.

Look for ExeFog, RLPack, Yoda Cryptor and others - all have sources available.

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Could u give me those programs including the source. Cuz i can't find them on google :wacko: ?

Delphi source only ***

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Didn't read the delphi bit before..... never used delphi myself so no idea whats out there.

the principles are the same whatever language you use though so you will learn something from the sources mentioned above.

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actually there are alot of sources out there, but what some people call protectors is nothing more than encrypting the exe and binding it to stub that decrypts it and executes it from memory, I dont see this as a protector but it does do the job with little effort, other good protectors use code insertion into the exe to decrypt it self. Some good forums about the subject is http://hackhound.org and http://opensc.ws 2 very good forums and the some of the members are very skilled in the exe Encryption/Protection process and coding, You should find plenty of delphi examples at these forums.

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