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PaiN RAT v0.1 RC1 Portable


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Hy, recently i`ve search on the internet for an PaiN RAT Portable and I found the last version of the producer, and I`m happly to share this with you.

PaiN RAT v0.1 RC1 Portable

[+] - Feature Added

[-] - Feature Removed

[*] - Bug fixed on Existing Feature

Version 0.1 Beta 10

[*] Automatic Screen/Webcam Capture Bug Fixed

[*] File Binder Bug Fixed (Outputs the Server To The Last Binded File Directory)

[*] File Binder Bug Fixed (Executes File Binder on Every Startup)

[+] Added Memory Execute To File Binder

[+] Added Miranda/Trillian/Pidgin/Gaim/Rapidshare Passwords Decrypting

[+] Startup Now Working On Vista (Thanks to Spider)

[*] Edit Server ID Bug Fixed

[*] Flikiring of Progressbar In Screen/Webcam Capture and KeyLogger is Fixed

[*] Fixed "Goto Cusome Path" in File Manager

[+] Added Installation Messagebox to Server Builder

[*] Better Screen/Webcam Capture Compression (For Faster Capturing)

[+] Forms are Now Resizeable

[+] Added Macros Support to KeyLogger (so %WinDir% can be used)

[+] Added "Copy Item" to all Password Lists

[-] Damagin Options Removed

[+] Added Secure Delete to File Manager

[-] WebServer Removed

[*] FireFox 3 Passwords Bug Fixed

[+] Added Internet Explorer 7 and 8 Passwords Decrypting

I`ve scan on Novirusthanks.com to check it, here is the log.

File Info

Report generated: 17.2.2009 at 20.33.00 (GMT 1)

Filename: PaiN RAT.exe

File size: 1,331 KB

MD5 Hash: 8DD76D109D233BCF8BA8216959937067

SHA1 Hash: 7A1138F999E50238A3C2B8D2073F8EBCADD90B79

Packer detected: Nothing found

Self-Extract Archive: Nothing found

Binder Detector: Nothing found

Detection rate: 4 on 23


a-squared - Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Delf.CQ!IK

Avira AntiVir - Nothing found!

Avast - Nothing found!

AVG - Nothing found!

BitDefender - Nothing found!

ClamAV - Trojan.Agent-65368

Comodo - Nothing found!

Dr.Web - Nothing found!

Ewido - Nothing found!

F-PROT 6 - Nothing found!

G DATA - Nothing found!

IkarusT3 - Trojan-Downloader.Win32.Delf.CQ

Kaspersky - Nothing found!

McAfee - Nothing found!

NOD32 v3 - Nothing found!

Norman - Nothing found!

Panda - Nothing found!

Quick Heal - Nothing found!

Solo Antivirus - Nothing found!

Sophos - Mal/Dropper-G

TrendMicro - Nothing found!

VBA32 - Nothing found!

Virus Buster - Nothing found!

Scan report generated by


And here is the Anubis report Link

[i`ve seen is unpacking to C:\DOCUME~1\user\LOCALS~1\Temp\PaiNRat]

Link for download Link






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i would delete it, as i bet its backdoored, since the trojan its self is portable anyways settings are wrote to an ini file as far as i can tell, so i guess hes just added a backdoor to trick people.

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