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Hi, sometime ago, I got inspired by the Installer of the game: VietCong II. So, I have coded a custom installer for apps. Its not complete yet- some more features that I would add are; Region-able main window and buttons, masked about window, masked images as progressbar, support for installation using multiple CDs etc.

The release I am posting here, is just a preview: its not fully functional yet. One more thing; I have coded a ShellTreeView like TShellTreeView of Delphi, but it might be buggy sometimes. Your suggestions, bug-reports and feedback are of immense importance. So plz let me know of your ideas and findings.

Prof. DrAcULA }:-)


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Looks quite nice....

Is there a possibility for RAR/ACE/7-zip support instead of ZLIB?

Not to mention, could the assets stay in the main executable, instead of a seperate DLL?

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Thx 4 the feedback guys!

Hi mudlord, (could the assets stay in the main executable, instead of a seperate DLL): well the basic idea for coding this installer was to have a executable (EXE) which will handle all the graphic/non-graphic operations of installer, and all the graphix or the window color schemes will be available in a separate DLL, which will be different for every new installation, so that you don't have to code the same executable again, only you'll design the new interface/color-schemes/graphix and create a new dll of that.

and, Rot1, this installer is coded in pure Win32Asm (masm32), only the functionality of a Delphi-component is imitated. Keeps the ideas coming :)

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