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  • 3 weeks later...

Yay! My first keygen!

Name: cocacolacore

Key: D3D25428-FC502463-90E4B5FE-919008F9

Attached below is my awesome keygen! ^-^


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Teddy Rogers
Well I apparently can't attach files

That should not be your problem. Did you get an error message?


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Well, when I try to attach something, it tells me that my file exceeded the limit. But the apparent limit was underneath that:

Attachment space used 0bytes of -1024bytes

-1024bytes... Any idea why it's like that?

EDIT: Just looked but the attachment size for this post is 4.88MB. Why is there a difference?

EDIT 2: I went back to the first post and the limit changed from -1024bytes to 4.88MB. Plus I could upload it. Why did it change?

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