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Today we see a lot of applications which use the container file.

How does this container file work ?

We have many files and some folders with files in them, if i need to create a container to store them, how does it work ?

Does it have a fixed header whihc has the file names and sizes ?

Please shed some light on this

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I bet they have their own encoding/decoding scheme for this kind of thing, if you're good with math you could come up with an idea to shrink a binary with a specific encoding method.

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I guess in the basic sence of the word "container" a resource could be counted as a container, it is stored with the application or by its self, easy to see whats in it easy to extract files from the resource..

I guess another form of a contain could be basically a bunch of files binded together with infomation at what address the files bytes start and finish.

all these "crypters" around these days use this method of compressing and storing in a "stub" which could also be defined as a container.

I guess what im trying to say is the word "container" is very broad when talking programming, it could mean anything really.

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