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[crackme] CrackMe/Pass/User V.10


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Hello, Yesterday I created my first CrackMe and decided to share with all of you.

I guess it's a little easy but not to easy.

It's not Encrypted or anything, or Encoding; Just Compiled.

Post User: Pass: And Auth:


1. No Patching

2. Find a correct working pass

3. Find a correct password ~[Hint]~ If you get a box saying "Use this for Auth, (then a number or Letter) WRITE DOWN!

4. Find a correct Authorization code

5. Well you can't keygen, it's a CrackMe

6. It's kind of easy, but my first one


1. Look for boxes.

2. Look for repeated var.

3. Figure it out.

CrackMe V.1





Thanks, Tell me if I need to work on anything.

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Good job, I had just relized it was right there when I tried something.

If I used in vb6 or delphi, it would of been a lot harder.

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