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Hi, guys i am working on a self extracting project and i need some ideas.

What i want to do:

I have 2 files, File1 and file2.

File1 will open file2 and add some data into file2. And when file2 is run, it will simply dump the data.

What i need to know is that the size od data to be added is not specific, so what will be a better option:

a. Add the data as overlay

b. Add the data as a resource

Please help.

*If you have an example in asm, your most welcome.



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a file binder or similar is what you are proberly looking for, I have some delphi examples but are alot more detailed because it also crypts the file data before adding it and then decrypts it at runtime into memory instead of to HD.

But what you need is something alot more simple, I suggest using resources to store the file to be exacted then all you really need is simple stub that will extract it from resource to given file path

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Ah, thanx dude.

I just wanted to know if overlay or resource will be better.

So resource will be fine, done.

And yes the data is crypted also before being added, the stub decrypts iy at runtime :) .



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This post is a year old but i'll add what i have found

Shockwaves Lab File Binder 1.0 is a good 1 that isnt trojaned all up

Heres how it works:

After you bind 2 exe files you will see

1) aquick cmd prompt open and close == THATS OUR NEWLY CREATED "BIG" EXE

2) 1.exe opens up === Thats our 1st bounded app

3) 2.exe opens up === Thats our 2nd bounded app

Heres how it works in more detail:

Take our first.exe and second.exe and create a big.exe

Hex editor shows 3 MZ and 3 PE headers

1 for our main

2 for our 1st.exe

3 for our 2nd exe

"Drop" i use the term loosely our 1st.exe into LOCAL TEMP dir which is where 1.exe is stored

do the same for 2.exe and then our "MAIN" "BIG" exe executes 1.exe in TEMP and 2.exe in TEMP

Also, a txt file of each is created

If previous bounded 1.exe 2.exe allready existed it will rename them

Maybe we can write 1 ourselves someday

Shock Labs File Binder v1.0.rar

i scanned it with Jotti and others and light is green trap is clean

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I think Microjoiner (Alex Demchenko) can this and is open source in masm32:^


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I think Microjoiner (Alex Demchenko) can this and is open source in masm32:^


whoooo let the dawgs out.... :)

thats some bad *** code right there.... nice find... i was looking for a good 2-3 hours on a exe binder exe joiner.. i had notepad laced with a hello world placed at the EOF/TAIL and just couldnt get the sucker to go... then i tried to manually add PE headers and sections... and finally realized.... thnx for your help man i love that ALT2600 Oscar2000 MASM32 look n' feel in programs..Put a lil midi music in their and jam on out

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