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[keygenme] vb2008 Basic medium


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  • 2 months later...

@ bonparadorn (AUTHOR)

Solved It !

.NET CrackMe's are toooo easy to solve, if you don't obfuscate your project.

Simply found the whole source code from .NET Reflector and then ... Solved :D

" public bool code(byte[] c1, string c2) " checks if 'pass' is correct for the given 'user'.

[[ Attached the Keygen. ]]

@ sadiqhirani

Your Keygen generates passes even for names only 1 char long. But those are not accepted by the author's program.

The author checks that the pass is at least 4 chars long. So, User-Name must be at least 2 chars long.

So, you can just prompt the user for a longer name.


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