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keep the window on top


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I'm coding on some win32 c++ app. What API should I use to keep the window on top of other windows regardless if it is selected or not?

I'm just guessing it is an API, but I'm not sure if it is one. :confused:

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Hi here is a masm example

invoke IsDlgButtonChecked,hWnd,IDC_ALWAYSONTOP

.if eax==BST_CHECKED





invoke SetWindowPos,hWnd,eax,0,0,0,0,SWP_NOMOVE or SWP_NOSIZE

I think this is not difficult to translate in c++


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Use SetWindowLong (Ptr if you want it to support x64) or just SetWindowPos()

get the Window handle (hWnd) and use SetWindowPos on it, with IDC_ALWAYSONTOP or WS_EX_TOPMOST :) .

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