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Generate different Keys


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I have question about how to generate different keys like

12345-67890 is key and second key is 09876-54321 and many others

So how to do in asm.. Can some tell me this! :(

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I don't want to generate random numbers, i want it like generating different keys saved in it. And if i am wrong please you u can just mention an example below :rolleyes:

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So you're asking how to write a keygen?

Same answer as always - lena's tuts, specifically number 36. I think you have a lot of reading to do yet though!

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No bro, i don't want to write to a keygen or need need any source code, i just wan't to generate keys, the pseudo code for only generating part. and i am through with lena#36 tutorial :D

The problem is like if i press generate button i can generate one key and if i press again the the generate button it should out put the next key i want, you can say it even as keymaker!

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Geez ure one hard headed individual. Like I said above use a PRNG to get random values for parts of the algo that does not have to be a specific value. Some algos you can do this and some you can not.

Extremely simple example.....

INVOKE GetTickCount
Local SerialBuffer[255]:BYTE
Local dwSerial1:DWORD
Local dwSerial2:DWORD
INVOKE RtlZeroMemory,ADDR SerialBuffer,SIZEOF SerialBuffer
INVOKE nrandom,-1
MOV dwSerial1,EAX
MOV dwSerial2,EAX
XOR dwSerial2,12345678h
XOR dwSerial1,12345h
INVOKE wsprintf,ADDR SerialBuffer,SADD("%.8X-%.8X"),dwSerial1,dwSerial2
INVOKE SetDlgItemText,hWnd,IDC_SERIAL,addr SerialBuffer
Keygen ENDP


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