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[keygenme] KeyGen ME 7


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Hi To All

new keygen me for testing you

Coded iN Borland Delphi 7

Protection : MD5 , Base64 , RSA

Note : Just Write A KeyGen




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erm... wheres teh RSA bit ? lol ...

You haven't used any FGInt Functions in here.... just md5 and b64... no RSA ?


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Protection : MD5 , Base64 , RSA
this is a best example for testing you iN KeyGenning Skill wink.gif

Bye - GioTiN // Under SEH Team

Strike 2

@ Encrypto :

i Use of FGInt Functions and hidden it from PEiD Plugin wink.gif

Strike 3 Youre out!



Edited by DrPepUr
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okay... seriously... think for a minute.

If you did use RSA you wouldn't be able to serialphish other than if you implment it poorly.

You think if you use FGInt + ConvertBase256To64 its RSA ? lol...


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and i always wonder how do you guys put the skin.


And some loader lib (if you are using JPEG's or PNGs).

By the way Doc, nice keygen. :) Neat tune also.

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