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Help making KeyGen


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Im trying to make a keygen for "3Q DVD Ripper Platinum",

Its using the follow Crypto's:

- BASE64


I have Decrypted the DES crypto's already, now, i need somting to Decrypt BASE64, and then i need a KeyGen source to make a good serial :)

btw i can handle :::::: Visual Basic 6, C+ C++ and Delphi, MASM ;) !!

Thnx in advance.!!

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Thnx for the quick reply, now i have unpacked the DES decryption,

and i have found the SERIAL ROUTINE. Now i need a KeyGen source, and a little more information about what do copy or W/E.

using Visual Basic 6 / Delphi / C+ / C++

THnx in advance!!!

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No one is going to provide you with a keygen source specific to this program. Do your homework and the links I gave you and you should have everything you need.


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