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Trying to convert C++ to ASM for decrypt routine


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Hi all , new to the board, my friend suggested the smart people at this board would be able to solve this , thanks in advance :)

im not too sure about finding an easy way to do the seed

im not too familiar with c++ syntax

it gets passed a parameter it gets from the registry which is different for every machine because it seeds with user/SID

#define SEED_CONSTANT 0xba0da71dunsigned char secretKey[16]={ 0xa3,0x1e,0xf3,0x69,
0x4f,0xd2,0x7d,0x48 };VOID Decode(_TCHAR output[], _TCHAR passEntry[], DWORD entryLen)
HANDLE hToken;
TCHAR sid[512], name[512],domain[512];
SID *psid = (SID*)&sid;
DWORD SidSize = 0, i;
DWORD cchName,cchDomain,cchToken = 0;
TOKEN_USER *SidUser = (TOKEN_USER*)&sid;
unsigned char *passData;
BYTE output_pass[64]; unsigned char staticKey[16];
unsigned int seed;
unsigned char *a,*b; memcpy(staticKey,secretKey,sizeof(staticKey)); if((OpenProcessToken(GetCurrentProcess(),TOKEN_QUERY,&hToken)))
cchName = cchDomain = sizeof(name); if((LookupAccountSid(NULL,SidUser->User.Sid,
seed = SEED_CONSTANT; // mix username with key for(i = 0;i < cchName;i++)
((unsigned int*)staticKey)[ i % 4 ] ^= name[i] * seed;
seed *= 48271;
} // mix domain name with key for(DWORD j = 0;j < cchDomain;i++,j++)
((unsigned int*)staticKey)[ i % 4 ] ^= domain[j] * seed;
seed *= 48271;
} // decode string seed = (((unsigned int*)staticKey)[0] | 1);
a = (unsigned char*)&passEntry[4];
b = (unsigned char*)&passEntry[5]; for(i = 0;i < entryLen;i += 2)
passEntry[ i / 2 ] = (((a[i]-1)*16) | (b[i]-33)) - (seed & 0xff);
seed *= 69621;
} // use protected storage to decrypt data DATA_BLOB DataIn, DataEntropy, DataOut; DataEntropy.cbData = sizeof(staticKey);
DataEntropy.pbData = (BYTE*)&staticKey; DataIn.cbData = (i/2);
DataIn.pbData = (BYTE*)passEntry; //passEntry[(i/2)+4]=0; ZeroMemory(output_pass,sizeof(output_pass)); CryptUnprotectData(&DataIn, // input data
NULL, // output description
&DataEntropy, // optional entropy
NULL, // reserved
NULL, // optional prompt structure
1, // flags
&DataOut); memcpy(output,DataOut.pbData,DataOut.cbData);
start: invoke GetCurrentProcess
invoke Decode,eax
invoke ExitProcess,NULLDecode proc uses edi hProcess:HANDLE
LOCAL dwBytesRead2:DWORD
LOCAL szDomainBuffer[256]:BYTE
LOCAL plUserName[256]:BYTEinvoke RtlZeroMemory,addr plUserName,sizeof plUserName
invoke OpenProcessToken, hProcess, TOKEN_QUERY, addr hToken
invoke GetTokenInformation, hToken, TokenUser, NULL, NULL, addr dwBytesReadinvoke GlobalAlloc, GPTR, dwBytesRead
mov pData, eaxinvoke GetTokenInformation, hToken,TokenUser, pData, dwBytesRead, addr dwBytesReadmov edi, pData
invoke LookupAccountSid, NULL, [edi][TOKEN_USER.User.Sid], addr plUserName, \
addr dwBytesRead, addr szDomainBuffer,\
addr dwBytesRead2, addr dwSidType invoke MessageBox,0, addr plUserName,addr szDomainBuffer,0
invoke MessageBox,0,[edi][TOKEN_USER.User.Sid],addr szDomainBuffer,0
invoke FreeSid,[edi][TOKEN_USER.User.Sid]
invoke GlobalFree, pData
Decode endp
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