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Debugger Src [Delphi]


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I do not think that there is any opensource for delphi, but I would suggest going to MSDN and looking up Debugging Functions and also there is 2 free open source converts for a disassmbler, Borg and (Ba)stard/Lib. There is also a masm version posted on this website you could look at.

edit: I did not write ****in custard, everytime I wrote (Ba)stard it came up custard. Anyway libdisasm is the x86 version of the (Ba)stard projects.

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There have been like 4 people asking the same question (board search anyone ?) over the last 3 weeks.

Here's a suggestion:

Get some debug engine weitten in MASM or C (I even remember some for VB), try converting it, look at MSDN (lots of useful information, should be enough to create a decent debug engine). if you're done, share it.

you learned something, you have the debugger you need and so do others.

Sounds to good to be true, heh...

This isn't take-take-take, really... you have to give something in return, even if it's just a minimal effort (and no, that doesnt include searching and demanding for it on public boards...)

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