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Help to analyse possible encryption on thous 2 files


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Hello everyone in this forum. I got a lil problem searched first at google and founded several tools like Peid 0.94/ rdg packer finder/ stud pe/ cryptosearcher/

But they are meaned to analyse pe = portable executable thous fails what i am ineterseted are 1 dll fail called pbcl.dll and 1 system fail. I want to know are they encrypted or not! So if anyone knows program that can be used to analyse thous fail typse feel free to post its name. Forgoted that non of the abouve pe analyser didnt find the encryption. I upload thous 2 fails also in this threat.



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I want to know are the fails like encrypted like does they consist hided strings or hided function that u normaly cant see opening with ida pro. I am pretty sure that the driver is some how encrypted and im also searching the answer with what it might be encrypted

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