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Whats the difference between C++ and Turbo C++


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I am very newbie in c and i want to know about it .


Whats the difference between c , c++ and Turbo C++

And what is best for me to learn first.

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C and C++ are programming languages, C++ being the successor of C.

C++ has a few advantages over C like object oriented coding (it's not enforced though).

If you're new to either of the two, definately go for C++, if you don't feel like using classes you can always code plain functions.

Basically C is a subset of C++, or at least most compilers support both. So if you can code C++, you almost know C :)

Turbo C++ is just an IDE (development environment), just like Visual Studio :) It contains source file editors, a compiler, debugger and other stuff you might need while coding, it's not a programming language...

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