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SPEC beta 2 and beta 3 decryptor.


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Just back from holidays and i bring you my new SPEC decryptor.

Cryptor from Hayras was nice to study this time, because it encrypts IAT (and resources in Beta 3).

This cryptor uses a single encryption, the hardest work was to recalculate the IAT size, but it was not needed...

My decrypter is working with SPEC Beta 2 and Beta 3...

Source code in masm is also included for those who are interested...

See you soon ...

Also included the source of the original crypter (slightly updated by me, but I left main of the code)...

PS: I'm looking for SPEC Beta 1 (aka Beta) to include it in my decrypter.

If you have it, can you send me a link for it or send me it... :help

Laurent aka BIGBOSS from COPs



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