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[KeyGenMe] KeygenMe #1


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Name: Henry

Serial: 75D3CAEFZ333444Z4B34C4AC9289218DZ9990000AAAABBBA22D1BDC42522613F4CDA6BEB99C1C73A

This keygenme have some bugs... when a valid serial its entered, why it checks the serial two times and closes itself?... as many ppl know Ciphertext can't be greater than Modulus (talking about RSA) regarding this, some strings couldn't be decrypted correctly... another one, the first two buffers aren't cleared! :mellow:

Its a bit bugged, but enjoyable at all :P


Edit: closes itself because an exception is produced.. why do you free the bignums two times? -_-

Edited by HMX0101
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