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c++ or c#


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You can do asm in C++ XD.

me thinks someone confused the notions of "programming language" and "compiler". :^

Well, you can compile inline asm with typical C++ compilers. With Delphi's compiler too, and with many other languages compilers.

But knowing your way around any of those, does not necessarily imply that you can write assembler, in order to have the necessity to compile it. :P

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you cant do inline asm in c++ 64, thats if you use Visual Studio, dunno about others.

difference between c++ and c# is that c++ is closer to the actual data, it's easier to manipulate stuff and it's compliant to most things written in masm.

have you ever seen a driver written in c# ;D

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have you ever seen a driver written in c# ;D

Obviously not hehe. C# is .net-based and does not really give you low-level access - not the one you'd have if you were using a language like C/C++, that's for sure.

Of course you can use Platform Invoke in C#, but is that really that what the language was made for? I don't think so. :P

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Personally I use them all. If I want a quick GUI I'm using C#. The native stuff I'm writing in C/C++ and the rest in masm/fasm.

Each language has its benefits. :yes:

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C# = .NET = Managed code.

C++ does not, by default, use .NET, but, recent versions have been made to incorporate the .NET framework into the language.

For coding as a reverser / cracker, I would suggest going with C/C++. If not that, then pure ASM. C# is more used for database applications, in a RAD sense like VB6 was when it was first made. It can do other things as well, but it's easier to avoid .NET all together. :P

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