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DalKrypt v1.0 decryptor


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Hello again...

After my 2 firsts decryptors (BJFnt and MZCrypt), i'm proud to bring you my DalKrypt v1.0 decryptor. :thumbsup:

There is a little bug in the cryptor (including decryption engine).

It crypts the first section with length of raw size and decrypts with length of virtual section. :wacko:

So, unused bytes of first sections remains crypted and are never decrypted.

This decryptor decrypts with length of raw size in order to get a decrypted file like the uncrypted one.

I have also included source code in masm for those who are interested...

See you soon ...

Laurent aka BIGBOSS from COPs

Added on 10-02-2008: The crypter itself



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