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[unpackme] Azure's Packer


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:wub: My own packer... :P It's so easy... So, it's only a game... to relax yourself :rolleyes:

There're some anti-debugger in it .... I believe you can unpack it ... :D


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Well, Good ~~ Congratulations you win the game... :D

I don't look antidebug :P


There're three anti-debugger in the file.... exactly, anti-Olly debugger... ^_^

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  • 4 months later...

I guess it's only a false-positive 'coz my Nod32 popup with the red screen! :P

Anyway, good job and remember to try to improve it! :rolleyes:

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one of the anti-debugs is OutputDebugStrinA, that's for sure. :)

I guess 401000 is OEP? Although ImpRec doesn't seem to be finding any imports. This was some random testing using unmodified Olly. Tomorrow I'm going to try find all the 3 anti-debugs. Just because I also like to learn do things manually. :) And I am still a noobie :)

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My unmodden Olly with no plugins enables keeps in Crashing though. Lots of acces violations errors, some single step events and loads of other exceptions seem to occur.

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