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[KeyGenMe] BigX Chall 2


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actually Xspider it's a 10 line code in C++ probably less ^^ nothing serious use drizz's hash lib and use miracle for RSA calculation.... no big deal if u wanna start and try it :D

the algo that Encrypto said is easy to code, you get the name then hash with MD5 and hash that MD5 hash again with SHA256 then decrypt that string..... (of course u need to get the N and factorize to have the D back to decrypt) nothing serious with a 300bit key just let Msieve handle it.... depending on ur machine speed and usage, u'll have it at the end and use it that's all u need to know since ASM shows a clear code for what the calls does.... he didn't hide anything on purpose hhhh gotcha Mouradpr :P

Mourad you might get a solution from me but i dunno ^^ i'am kinda lazy to do it lol !

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