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[Unpackme] ModdedFog v1.1


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Hehe... it got solved fast again :P

Congrats guys...! :)

Seems to be i'm not good developing protectors haha :roll:

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nice idea Sonny27... i started to code Imprec plugin to solve this...

nice unpackme, i realy liked it...



here is my import fixing plugin for ImpRec...

my first plugin ever :D

If you want source, PM me... (code is ugly looking ;) )


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Very, very nice unpackme... i had truble tracing trough it... olly juct go crazy sometimes... nice trick


thx, and thx for tut, it was nice to see it


me too... couldn't find redirection, but i started learning masm few months a go, so i give it a try :D

it was fun coding

greets to all

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Problem of your protector is that they are always the same or very similar. Try to create a rela protection, like obfuscation of OEP or an ahrder IAT with improved anti-debug anti-trace or something else. It will be more interesting for sure.

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