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[unpackme] ZProtect 1.3

Teddy Rogers

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Teddy, you gotta fix that crappy limitation on SnD T_T. I downloaded only 1 file today (the one above) and it didn't even get 100% downloaded correctly. Plus, on 2nd download it already tells me I have exceeded my quota o_O.. WTF?!

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Teddy Rogers

I'm sorry you are experiencing problems with the download limitation, not sure why you are hitting it after two downloads? However I am not going to disable it unfortunately. Simple reason being the last time I did that the site got hammered with website copiers. Whilst bandwidth isn't an issue the fact that all those page requests hammering the site all at the same time chewed up host system resources and gave the site (and me) plenty of headaches. Many people moaned about the site always locking up so I am sure no one here wants to go down that road again.

Enjoy the attachment... :)



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Does it have stolen OEP ?

Havent found any stolen instructions, looked like a standard VC++ 8 EP to me :/

Imports look somewhat tricky with the relocated dlls, dunno if it's worth the effort investigating into it further, looks like yet another protector like Enigma you'll hardly find in the wild.

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