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first you should create a running file and not a crashing one! <-- Remember this for the next time.

DS:[00419CE0]=7C801D77 <--???

So now I just can fix all by hand to get a runing and a unpacked file.

Not cracked till now just unpacked.


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Ran fine here without patching, LCF-AT, seems like a system dependent issue to me.

Sorry for such a bad way of cracking, it was my P-Code experience ever, though I didn


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if you can't post a protected file, then what's the point of the protector? let customers tripping with themselves? ^_^


NoobyProtect UnpackMe.

study it as you like, I hope you enjoy, and if you had fun, tell me a little bit about your methods, but don't let me know too much, for obvious reasons. ;)

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