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[unpackme] VMProtect 1.64


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Hello .

Write a Tut if you unpacked it!

download link:

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VMProtect, confusing thingy, imho... Took a quick glance over 1.2 protected crackme some months ago, the VM looks really nice-implemented. When I got some more free time, I'll maybe took another look on it, even though I do'nt have much experience with VMs. Nah, there's always "a first time", huh? :D

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I have compiled it with VC++ 6.0 :(

All dll`s that are required:



(Link has been edited)

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Hello HSN.C3r,

here I have it unpacked.

Test this file and tell me whether is running also on your system or not.

So for me the unpacked file it

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It's VM really sucks, just a usual stack VM with some tricks on bitwise instructions like xor, and, or, not. Polymorphic engine is simple, the code is easy to understand. With some generic tracer and optimizer decompiler can be coded in a few days.

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