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Sometimes keygens and websites use that feature, in a program you got a textbox and the text like moves to the left and it deletes a character everytime, but then the text reappears from the other side, thats where im stuck..

i can make it disappear to the left but i have no idea how to make it reappear again...

that's the code i wrote so far

Public back As StringPrivate Sub Command1_Click()	If (Timer1.Enabled = True) Then	Timer1.Enabled = False
Timer1.Enabled = True End If
End SubPrivate Sub Form_Load()
Timer1.Enabled = False
Timer1.Interval = 80
End SubPrivate Sub Timer1_Timer() If (LenB(Text1.Text) <> 0) Then back = Text1.Text
back = Mid$(back, 2, Len(Text1.Text))
Text1.Text = back Else
End If
End Sub

any suggestions how it should be done?

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