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[anti-debug] Catch My Anti.Debug/Anti.Attach Trick !


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Catch My Anti.Debug/Anti.Attach Trick !!!

anyone knows how we can bypass without patching main file memory ?


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It comes up with an access violation in ntdll.dll but doesnt terminate (Vista x64)...

Looks pretty funny though, there's a window frame but the content is transparent :D

When I move the window partly out of the screen, it keeps showing the same error message as long as I dont move it back to the screen.

Odd :dunno:

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Well I can dump it with my skeleton lordpe... No pe header fixing/pasting though (that's because the getmodulepath uses the affected api, so not really an problem).. That needs to be done manually...

So Dumping can be done.. Without using the affected api's..

Funny Readprocessmemory loop it goes into though, will analyse it more properly later on ;)

Now it's time for the European Championships! :P


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This packed app do not start here.It happend nothing.So i can also dump this app at OEP with ImpRec

and patch it to get the empty window of this app.

So what is now the maingoal?Can somebody tell some more.


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Try to dump it when it's running.. you won't be able to dump it on the oep when it would have been in some packer code anyways...

It's not packed btw, it's just an proof of concept implementation on a dummy window..

It's not supposed to do anything except loop your api's when you try to dump ;)


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Try to dump it when it's running

The problem is that this app is not running.There nothing happend if I try to run it.I just can run it after a little patch

and then i just get this window of this app and I can also make a dump with all dump tools.

So what now?


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