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Rustock C The Beast


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Rustock C is definitely the most powerful advanced rootkit for Windows ever seen, the Pure Evil :)

Here some papers about it





* Sophisticated polymorphic protection of the rootkit makes extraction and analysis extremely difficult.

* Implemented as a driver, it runs on the lowest kernel level.

* Protects itself, prevents runtime changes.

* Uses active anti-debugging techniques: monitors setting hardware breakpoints (DR-registers), disrupts operation of kernel-level debuggers (e.g. Syser, SoftIce). WinDbg debugger won

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thats amazing heh...

i wonder how long it would take to code something like this & who would have this much knowledge?...

What programming language do you think was used?

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You need to have great knowledge of Windows Internals and high Driver Coding Skills

What programming language do you think was used?

eheh easy the only languages that can be used into a driver, C and Assembler :)



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Nasty stuff Rustock, is actively being used by a Russian adware company, should be able to find their copy if anyone wants it to analyze. ;)

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Sorry for the double post.

I found this while analyzing some Russian adware, could be a new rustock variant.



Password: infected


http://rapidshare.com/files/158005746/infected1.rar.html - rename .ppp to .exe of course.

Waiting for Kaspersky to mail me back with a detection notice.

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